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 Easier explanation

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PostSubject: Easier explanation   Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:53 pm

Hey guys... Here is your friendly neighborhood donobuz here to explain the ranks alot simpler than nathan didi Very Happy

Guest: You have the basic abilities like any other newbie to the server BUT u can not /home or /sethome or /spawn... So i would advise taking your time to become a member... its worth it

Member: You have simple commands of /sethome /home /msg /spawn and etc. This rank will help you thrive on this server

Verterran: To become a verternan, u have to be on the server for at least a month and be very much active on the forums like i am doing right now. This will allow you to make clans and such in the future

Donator: You get //superpick /mob desguise, and /tpa. Donators will have to donate $15 dollars to become one.

There are more but most people wont get Very Happy lol
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Easier explanation
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