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 It's me. Obviously.

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PostSubject: It's me. Obviously.   Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:48 pm

I just came here to introduce myself to the community of DiamondCraft. Obviously, i'm just another newb here, but I will try to prove to you that I can be an essential part of this server's community. As you can see, I'm Acrolynx. I don't know where I got the "Acro" part of the name but I do like lynxes.

I'm usually an active member of any server and would love to contribute to the community to help enhance everyone's experience. The only reason I left my old server, which I would not name, is because it shutdown. I'm sorry if I sound so serious, i'm usually not like this. Heh, I just wanted to make my first post here "special"... LOL

Oh right. Member pl0x?
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It's me. Obviously.
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